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After our April show, SIDESHOW, Fools Delight returns this August with SPINSTER!

Join us in Bampton this 3rd-18th August for a show which celebrates women and the female form.

In classic Fools fashion there will be magnificent, live music accompanying the acts that will leave your head spinning.

More announcements to come including the cast and the menu!


Here is what was on the menu for our last show in April.

Keep your eyes peeled for the brand new menu announcement!


All menus served with our dinner shows are curated by our magnificent Head Chef, Dave Cross and prepared live on site!

We’ve been feeling the pinch and we know most people are these days!

So, we’ve come up with a new seating plan...

Our evening shows now have a tiered seating prices; Gold, Silver and Bronze, which means we can make our art and pay our artists AND have some affordable tickets for all of you!

Please see our booking site for pricing.

* Please note that we will close ticket sales for our evening shows 48 hours ahead of the event in order for our kitchen to prepare for all dietary requirements.

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